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Karolina Maduna and magic that she does - project "ZCat4Water"

26. svibnja 2017..
Karolina Maduna did two years of her NEWFELPRO project implementation at the Abo Akademi and now she is completing her work at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Zagreb. 

Radha Dilip Banhatti - "Modelling Ionic Conductivity in Materials – Glasses, Ionic Liquids & Ionogels"

2. svibnja 2017..
Dr. Radha Dilip Banhatti is in the process of fully implementing her NEWFELPRO project "Modelling Ionic Conductivity in Materials – Glasses, Ionic Liquids & Ionogels" at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb.

Svetlana Paramanova - Bioethics and Criminal Law

3. travnja 2017..
Svetlana Paramanova came as a NEWFELPRO fellow in December 2015 from Russia to Zagreb Faculty of law with aim to implement her project called Bioethics and Criminal Law: the Role of the European Court of Human Rights in Setting Standards for the Protection of Human Rights

Josip Trampetić- project "Spacetime QG LV GRay"

28. ožujka 2017..
Josip Trampetić is NEWFELPRO's researcher from the outgoing scheme who has successfully implemented his project Features of Space-time at Quantum Gravity Scales and Lorentz Violating Effects on the Gamma-Ray Horizon at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich and at the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb.

Oriental Other in European history by Mirko Sardelić

20. ožujka 2017..
Story about our fellow Mirko Sardelić who successfully completed his project called The role of emotions in contacts between Eurasian cultures. Representation of the Oriental Other in Medieval and Early modern Central Europe  at the University of Western Australia and Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb.