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 Project implemetation is carried out by the Ministry of Science and Education of Croatia (MSE).

Management of the NEWFELPRO is delegated by the MSE to the Directorate of Science and Technology and NEWFELPRO Secretariat. The Secretariat provides operative support, while the expert support is provided by the Selection and Ethics Committees.

Main tasks of the Selection Committee (SC) are following:


Members of the NEWFELPRO Selection Committee are: 
  1. dr. Hornstein Tomić, Caroline – Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar;
  2. prof. Jerbić, Bojan – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University in Zagreb;
  3. prof. Ljubković, Marko – School of Medicine of the University in Split;
  4. Pozzi, Alessia – Croatian Science Foundation - Unity through Knowledge Fund;
  5. Japunčić, Manda – Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes;
  6. prof. Šantić, Marina – School of Medicine of the University in Rijeka;
  7. dr. Vianello, Robert – Ruđer Bošković Institute.
Main tasks of the Ethics Committee are following:


 Members of the NEWFELPRO Ethics Committee are:
  1. prof. Morović, Jadranka - Vergles – School of Medicine, Zagreb
  2. prof. Hranilović, Dubravka – Faculty of Science, Zagreb
  3. prof. Ivanković, Hrvoje – Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Zagreb
  4. dr. Grubišić, Ksenija – Faculty of Law, Zagreb
  5. dr. Bracanović, Tomislav – Centre for Croatian Studies, Zagreb