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Josip Trampetić- project "Spacetime QG LV GRay"

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Josip Trampetić, the picture taken from the website
Josip Trampetić is NEWFELPRO's researcher from the outgoing scheme who has successfully implemented his project called Features of Space-time at Quantum Gravity Scales and Lorentz Violating Effects on the Gamma-Ray Horizon (Spacetime QG LV Gray) at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich and at the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb.

The main objective of his project was to obtain a finite result for the 1-loop photon self energy, to derive a meaningful dispersion relation for the photons, including the photon group velocity. The dispersion relation computed from the full-fledged field-theoretical model is far surpass in relevance to those obtained from heuristic models inspired by strings, being frequently in use heretofore. The research was extended to non-abelian gauge theory models and models with SUSY .

The results of his NEWFELPRO project are presented in the following scientific publications:
After completion of the project, Joseph Trampetić intends to further explore the areas his project has opened. His goal is to find a way to potentially overcome the current theoretical understanding of the concepts of space-time based on the theory of relativity by approaching the issues trough the concepts of the theory of Quantum Gravity.