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Dagmar Radin - Actor analysis in health policy formulation in Croatia

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Dagmar Radin, picture taken from the website.

Dagmar Radin came from USA to Croatia at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb to implement her project named „Actor analysis in health policy formulation in Croatia (Health policy)“.

The overall objective of her NEWFELPRO project is to provide for a better understanding of health policymaking in Croatia by focusing on actor analysis in policy formulation of health financing and hospital system reform. The project will: 1) identify all relevant policy actors in health policy formulation in Croatia, 2) analyze their roles and participation opportunities in health policy formulation and, 3) assess the level of reflection of policy actors’ opinions in policy alternatives and healthcare policies implemented. The project will achieve these objectives by: 1) creating an inventory of the actors, and then creating a formal chart that establishing formal tasks, authorities, and relations of the actors and the current legislation, 2) determining the interests, objectives and problem perceptions of actors using face to face, semi-structured interviews, and mapping out of their interdependencies, and 3) Monitoring of legislative changes and completing the chart.

During her project implementation she wrote a book chapter „Health Policy in Croatia – A case of free falling“ in Z. Petak and K. Kotarski (eds) Policymaking at the European Periphery: the Case of Croatia, Palgrave McMillan (forthcoming 2018.) She attended workshop Qualitative Interviewing at ECPR Winter School of Methodology and Technique in March 2016 at the University of Bamberg, Germany. Also, she went to a European Research Council Supporting Excellent Research Regional Event in December  2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Before this project, Dagmar Radin was an Associate Professor at Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Mississippi State University. She has a Ph.D. in Political Science from University of North Texas. Her research interests are: Comparative health care policy, corruption, health care corruption, health care system reforms, Central and Eastern Europe, economic and political development, comparative institutions. She got College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Research Award, Mississippi State University in 2012. In 2006 she earned a Sam B. McAlister Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Political Science.

Now she is working on another manuscript that she plans to send to an international peer reviewed journal. Also, there is a possibility to integrate the findings from her NEWFELPRO project into a larger project (a book) dealing with state capture and special interests in policymaking in Croatia, and the EU periphery. She is also preparing for an ERC funding scheme where the topic will be build on the results from her NEWFELPRO project.