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First NEWFELPRO workshop in 2017

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Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia organised on 7th of April this year a workshop called Visibility of scientific research and its results for researchers whose scientific projects are financed under the NEWFELPRO project.

This was the first NEWFELPRO workshop in 2017, and the theme of the workshop was thoroughly and professionally held by the three young scientists.

Bojan Macan opened the workshop. Bojan Macan is the Head of the Center for scientific information in Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb. He is interested in the organization and bibliometric analysis of scientific data, implementation of open access to scientific data and he is in focus of creating an integrated library system. Within his presentation at the workshop he stressed out the importance of visibility of scientific research and how it is possible to improve it. Also, he said all the relevant information about the bibliometric approach to scientific evaluation.

Iva Melinšćak Zlodi from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science in Zagreb focused on open access to scientific publications, and she demonstrated the ways in which it is possible to identify reliable sources of open access.

The workshop was closed by Dina Vrkić from the School of Medicine of the University in Zagreb. She wrote several publications related to the theme, including articles about the visibility of the science on social networks, altmetric indicators and open access. Dina Vrkić in her presentation demonstrated  some of the ways to effectively organize, manage and write a scientific paper and she referred to the promotion of scientific activity on social networks.

This one-day workshop is only one of a series of workshops to be held within NEWFELPRO project by the end of the year. The aim of the workshop is to enable researchers within NEWFELPRO project to obtain competitive knowledge and skills necessary for even better scientific research.