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Olga Melnyk about active galactic nuclei

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Olga Melnyk, the picure is taken from the website.
Olga Melnyk is a NEWFELPRO's researcher from the incoming scheme that has successfully completed her one-year project called "Environmental studies of active galactic nuclei and the XXL multiwavelength survey (AGN environs and XXL)" at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. Her mentor during the project was an astrophysicist Vernesa Smolčić who was the first scientist in Croatia that got the resources of the European Research Council (ERC) for young scientists.

Her NEWFELPRO research was based on the new data of the medium deep 50 sq. deg X-ray and multiwavelength XXL survey. XXL survey is the largest existing XMM-Newton programme, and provides a sample of about 20000 X-ray sources, the great majority being active galactic nuclei (AGN). XXL is fully covered with optical, near-infrared, infrared, ultraviolet and radio bands, and also have an extensive spectroscopic coverage. The main aim of her project was to study the interconnection between the AGN activity of radio-quiet and radio-loud AGN, the physical properties of the host galaxies (i.e. the stellar mass, SFRs, colour, morphology etc.) and the role of the environment in different redshift ranges in order to better understand the redshift evolution and the feedback mechanism. The obtained results will help to better understand the relative importance of internal and external factors on galaxies' and AGN's evolution though the cosmic time and test the unified scheme of AGN.

During the implementation of her project she was co-author of the following publications:
After completion of her NEWFELPRO project she continued her science work, as well as the cooperation with researchers she has connected with during the implementation of her project.

We wish her many prosperous years in science!