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Niccolo Loret and the possibilities of the Planck-scale

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Niccolo Loret, the picture is taken from the website.
Niccolo Loret is a researcher from NEWFELPRO's incoming scheme, who has successfully completed his one year long project called "Looking for the Planck-scale patterns and cosmology" (LPPC) at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb, under the mentorship of Stjepan Meljanac, PhD

Within his project he found  a simple way to express Planck-scale effects as deformations to physical models in a curved space-time framework, defining a momentum-dependent space-time metric (in some aspects similar to the Rainbow Metrics phenomenology, but with a more formal mathematical approach). Cosmology is the most suitable arena to test those tiny effects, since long time-scales and its elevated characteristic energies would eventually magnify Planck-scale physics deformations (of course assuming those effects actually take place). With the project results he can define a coherent cosmological model which formalizes many of the features arising from deformed spacetime symmetries models. This theoretical formulation can propose a clear set of phenomenological tests, to try to understand the role of Planckian effects in early universe and begin to set upper bounds on many theoretical models.

During the implementation of his project, he has written and published following papers:
Also, he participated at  the following scientific events:
After he finished his NEWFELPRO project, Niccolo Loret continued his research on macroscopic manifestation of thew Planck-scale phenonomena.
We wish him further success!