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Slađana Strmečki Kos and electrochemical study of polysaccharide-protein molecular interactions

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Slađana Strmečki Kos, the picture is taken frorom the website.
Slađana Strmečki Kos is a NEWFELPRO fellow in outgoing scheme that successfully ended her project „Electrochemical study of polysaccharide-protein molecular interactions and their relevance in the selective sensing of polysaccharides in mixtures“ (ELpspINT). She did the research at the Institute of Biophysics at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic under the mentorship of professor Emil Paleček and at the Division for marine and environmental research  at the Ruđer Bošković Institute.

Up to now, limited number of electrochemical experiments with the purpose of sensitive quantification (<nmol dm-3) of polysaccharides has been performed by using voltammetric and / or chronopotentiometric methods. Polysaccharide-protein interactions are expected to be one of the most significant interactions in the real medium, like for example in seawater or in biological materials. From the analytical point of view, those interactions are one of the crucial factors which would interfere qualitative and quantitative sensing of polysaccharides in the mixture. Elucidation of the type of their interactions by interdisciplinary assay will serve as a base for electrochemical sensing of polysaccharides and buffer solution and in seawater, without or with usage of appropriate separation technique. Thus, mentioned electrochemical methods have not been employed in the investigation of such interactions.

Results of her project are writen in two scientific papers. In cooperation with Mojmir Trefulka, Pavlina Zatloukalov, Borivoj Vojtešek and  Emil Paleček she wrote an article titled „Immunoassays  of chemically modified polisaccharides, glycans in glycoproteins and ribose in RNA“. The paper published in Analytica Chimica Acta. Additionally, in preparation is an article titled „Tensammetic analyses of catalytically active biomolecules on mercury electrodes“.

Dring her project, she had two oral presentations of the project results. First presentation named  „Electrochemical alaysis of carrageenans, the effect of acetate concentration“ was at the 36th Modern Electrochemical Methods at the Jetrichovice, Czech Republic (2016.). Second presentation called „Electrochemical analyses of polysaccharides on mercury electrodein acetate buffer“ was at the 6th ISE SateliteStudent Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry in Zagreb (2016.)

After the completion of her project she continued her scientific work initiated within NEWFELPRO project. Furthermore, she will be a collaborator of two CSF projects. Also, she wants to apply for funding for her new project that she has on her mind.

We congratulate and keep our fingers crossed to her to accomplish all future plans!