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Krunoslav Užarević in search for green, clean and low-energy synthesis

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Krunoslav Užarević, picture taken from the website.
Krunoslav Užarević  implemented his NEWFELPRO project called "Clean and solvent - free synthesis of microporous materials by mechanochemical assembly and templating under controlled gas atmospheres" (MechPress) at the McGill University in Canada and at the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb.

Within the project, he developed new methodologies for clean and low-energy synthesis of microporous MF. New methodologies are needed becouse porous metal-data frames (MF) have great potential for storage and catalysis, and they are highly sensitive but classic synthesis of such materials are usually time-consuming and require the use of various solvents and high temperatures.

During the project implementation he published following scientific papers:

Also, he attended following conferences:

After he completed his NEWFELPRO project, he became a Head of Laboratory for Green Synthesis at the Ruđer Bošković Institute, so he will continue pursuing and developing mechanochemical synthesis as a green and sustainable synthetic procedure for relevant materials. Also, he will continue to develop collaborations with institutions and foreign scientists that he established during the implementation of the project.