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Morocco meets Croatia or Alae - Eddine Barkoui and sustainable use of the geothermal energy

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Alae - Eddine Barkaoui, picture taken from the webpage.
Alae Eddine Barkaoui in 2014 started his two year long project called The Integration of geological mapping, geothermal potential and innovative geothermal energy storage into advanced planning of energy systems with a high share of renewable energy sources (INTEGEORES) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Zagreb, under the menthorship of Professor Neven Duić. The project was successfully completed this year.

The premise of his research is that becouse of the objective reasons exist national and global energy policies that are primarily focused on the exploitation of renewable energy sources. Consequently, at the center of his research he put the geothermal energy with the aim of approaching the solution for using geothermal sources for seasonal and daily storage of energy. Also, according to Barkaoui, Croatia has a geothermal potential, which could be a significant source of renewable energy which would have significantly contributed to the overall energy efficiency and environmentally acceptable energy policy.

During the implementation of his project, he wrote the following scientific papers:

Also, he attended the following workshops:

After the implementation of the project, the Alae Eddine Barkaoui is focused on the dissemination of project results, to the improvement of the methodology of work, and the collection of data from other source.