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First call for proposals under the project NEWFELPRO is closed

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A total of 50 project proposals have been submitted in the first call for proposals under the project NEWFELPRO, and they will compete for 34 projected fellowships. From the total number of submitted project proposals, 30 project proposals were submitted by experienced researchers, while 20 projects were submitted by senior researchers. Distribution of research proposals based on the number of years of research experience shows an almost equally strong interest among experienced and senior researchers, for developing their research careers through the project NEWFELPRO in the years ahead.

Through the outgoing fellowship scheme a total of 29 project proposals were submitted and through the incoming fellowship scheme a total of 18 project proposals were submitted. The most challenging of all fellowship schemes, the reintegration scheme, managed to attract and motivate Croatian researchers from Third countries to apply with a total of three project proposals.

The list of countries from which project proposals come from under the outgoing and incoming fellowship scheme is quite diverse and includes countries across Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Geographic diversity of the project proposals bears witness to a great interest of foreign researchers and international institutions to cooperate with Croatian researchers and develop their projects in Croatia. 
The exact number of project proposals that will be included in the evaluation process will be known following a technical eligibility check and official confirmation of the NEWFELPRO Selection Committee on 27 September 2013.