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Payment of overheads to the host institutions under the outgoing mobility scheme

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Payment for the host institution overhead under the outgoing mobility scheme will be allowed in the maximum amount of additional 2% of the total amount planned for the researcher’s fellowship costs during his/her stay abroad. This decision was made because of the concern expressed by potential project applicants that the outgoing mobility scheme projects could be eliminated by the host institution abroad. The reason for this was that there were no overhead costs planned for the administration costs of the host institution.
The additional 2% will be paid when this is considered necessary for the realisation of the project and only for the projects under the outgoing mobility scheme during a researcher’s stay abroad. The request for payment of overhead costs will have to be announced in the Letter of commitment which is enclosed as part of the application package to NEWFELPRO Call for proposals, as well as in the budget tables in the Part A and Part B under a new budget line item entitled Host Institution Overhead.   

This has been included into the following documents under the call documentation package:
Call for proposals_First Call_updated version 2
Annex 3_Instructions for applicants_First Call_updated version