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Successful NEWFELPRO stories: Hrvoje Gračanin and Justinianic age

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Hrvoje Gračanin, taken from the webpage.
Hrvoje Gračanin is one of the NEWFELPRO's researchers from the outgoing scheme that has successfully completed the implementation of his sixteen month long project  titled The Justinianic Age in Dalmatia and Southern Pannonia (JUSTINIANDALMPAN). Doctor Gračanin conducted his research at the Philosophische Fakultät at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen under the mentorship of  Professor Mischa Meier. He spent his return phase implementing his project at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb.

The proposed project will be focused on the study of different aspects of historical processes in Dalmatia and southern Pannonia during the Justinianic age. Justinianic age was marked by all-embracing attempts at re-organization of the late Roman Empire. These attempts affected all spheres of life, and had impacts on geographically large area from the western Mediterranean to the Near East. Romanprovinces,  Dalmatia and Pannonia, were also affected by Justinian’s re-organization of the late Roman Empire.

Based on the results of his project, he published the following scientific articles, summaries in the proceedings and conference lectures:
Papers in scientific journals

Papers in proceedings

Conference lectures

His scientific and research interests are primarily focused on the study of Croatian regions in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, i.e. aspects and achievements of Roman civilization and the changes caused by the great migrations over a wide area of ​​today's Croatian teritory. He is also interested in a late antique and early medieval writtings and correspondency and in history of Byzantine civilization. He is the editor of the Journal Papers of Institute of Croatian History, since 2010. Also, he writes popular  historical articles for journal Meridian, and translates articles from English and German. Since 1999 is a member of the Croatian National Committee for Historical Sciences and a member of the Association of Croatian Historical since 2008. He got the award of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts for the highest scientific and artistic achievements in the Republic of Croatia and the State prize for science in year 2011