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An invite to the public lecture of Tin Komljenović: "Heterogeneous silicon photonics"

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Tin Komljenović, picture is taken from webpage
We are inviting you to the public lecture of one of the NEWFELPRO fellows - Tin Komljenović*!

Data centers of the future?
What do Intel, HP, Oracle, Juniper, Cisco really do? 
Where does the US government investing more than half a billion dollars?
The answer lies behind the "silicon photonics", optical systems based on silicon - the material that is guilty for transforming our lives, which is in practically every device that runs on electricity.
Silicon, relying on billions and billions spent for the development of electronic hand, promises the transformation of optical communications and sensors.

Find out in this short lecture what can silicon offer in this new arena and how this will affect technology and our lives.
The lecture will take place in the Grey Hall at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (Zagreb),  at Thursday (September 8th), at 11:00 a.m.
*Tin Komljenović graduated and received his doctorate at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Zagreb. His field of research includes photonic integrated circuits , optical access networks, systems based on the frequency multiplexing and adjustable mounts optical sources.Tin Komljenović won the EUMA award for young scientists.

Within NEWFELPRO scholarship  he has spent two years workig on the heterogeneous integration of silicon, developing communication and sensor systems next generation. He was under mentorship of  Professor John E. Bowers, a pioneer who first demonstrated heterogeneous integrated laser on silicon in 2005 in collaboration with Intel.