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Successful NEWFELPRO stories: Jana Pisk and eco production of chemicals

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Jana Pisk, photo taken from webpage

Dr. Jana Pisk is one of NEWFELPRO's researchers from the outgoing scheme who has successfully completed the implementation of her sixteen month long project titled Diligent search for chemical bio-sources: Solvent-free homogeneous and heterogeneous oxidation processes catalyzed by polyoxometalates (PomFree). Jana Pisk conducted her research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in the Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (LCC) in Toulouse (France), under the menthorship of Professor Rinaldo Poli. She spent her return phase implementing her project at the Department of Chemistry at Faculty of Science at University of Zagreb.

Her NEWFELPRO project is basic research in the scientific field of chemistry. The leading idea of the proposed project is promotion of clean, rational and safe production of chemicals by catalytic oxidation under solvent-free conditions. So far, catalytic oxidations of renewables were usually performed in organic solvents or ionic liquids, producing high amounts of waste and by-products. New generation of catalytic processes aim to achieve new clean energy resources.The objective of this proposal is elaboration of an eco-friendly catalyzed oxidation process under solvent-free conditions using polyoxometalates (as catalyst) grafted on modified Merrifield resins, bringing together advantages of homogeneous (in terms of efficiency) and heterogeneous (in terms of facile recovery and recycling) catalytic processes.

 Based on the accomplished cooperations during her project implementation, she has published following articles:

She has participated in three conferences during the implementation of her project:

Jana Pisk is a young scientist, which areas of interest are:  chemistry of coordination polymers and polyoxometalates, solidstate chemistry of organic and inorganic compounds, organic synthesis - inorganic compounds, NMR, UV- vis spectroscopy TG analysis of organic catalysts without solvents on different surfaces, the preparation of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts. In the croatian scientific bibliographic database is listed as co-author of eight scientific articles and she is a member of the Croatian Chemical Society and the Croatian Crystallographic Association.