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Successful NEWFELPRO stories: Anđelo Samsarov and aspects of noncommutativity

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Anđelo Samsarov is one of NEWFELPRO's researchers from the outgoing scheme who has successfully completed the implementation of his sixteen month long project titled Noncommutative geometry, gravity and black holes (NCGGBH). Doctor Samsarov conducted his research at the Department of Mathematics at University of Cagliari in Italy, under the menthorship of Professor Mignemi Salvatore. He spent his return phase implementing his project at the Department of Theoretical Physics at Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb.

The main aim of his project is to investigate different aspects of noncommutativity, particularly kapa-Minkowski and type Snyder. The goal is to construct a Klein - Gordon and Dirac operators on curved backgrounds of certain geometry of black hole in noncommutative environment and explore the properties of bosons and fermions on such background, as well as calculate the thermodynamic properties of commutative black holes.

Based on the results of his project, he has published the following articles:
Jurić, Tajron; Meljanac, Stjepan; Samsarov, Anđelo, Twist deformations leading to k-Poincare Hopf algebra and their application to physics, Journal of physics, Conference series.670 (2016); 012027-01238.
Gupta, Kumar; Harikumar, E; Jurić, Tajron; Meljanac, Stjepan; Samsarov, Anđelo, Noncommutative scalar quasinormal modes and quantization of entropy of a BTZ black hole, Journal of High Energy Physics. 25 (2015).
Ivetić, Boris; Mignemi Salvatore; Samsarov, Anđelo, Spectrum of the hydrogen atom in Snyder space in a semiclassical approximation, Physical Review A.93 (2016), 3; 032109-032116.
Jurić, Tajron; Samsarov, Anđelo, Entanglement entropy  renormalization for the noncommutative scalar field coupled to classical BTZ geometry, Physical Review D. 93 (2016); 104033-104051.
• B. Ivetić, S. Mignemi, A.Samsarov, Generalized relativistic kinematics  in Poincare-invariant models is written and submitted so it will be published in due course.

As a result of work on this project will emerge additional four scientific papers which are in the final stages of writing.

Through the implementation of his NEWFELPRO project, Professor Samsarov has established numerous links and collaborations with foreign scientists, which he plans to maintain, strengthen and take advantage of it for further research within his field of science. Due to these motives,  he also   participated at  the event  Euroaxess Roadshow 2015, an initiative of the European Commission which aims to stimulate the development of a European research network.