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Successful NEWFELPRO stories: Ana Šarić and mitochondrial biology

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Ana Šarić, photo taken from webpage
Dr. Ana Šarić is one of NEWFELPRO researchers from the outgoing scheme who has successfully completed the implementation of her sixteen month long project titled Development of new fluorescent cyanine probe to assess mitochondrial function (FluMito). Saric, PhD conducted her research in the outgoing phase of project, under the mentorship of Patrice X. Petit PhD, at the University Rene Descartes in Paris, at the Laboratory for Toxicology, pharmacology and cell signalling. During her return phase, she continued with the implementation of her project at the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb.

Her research is in the field of chemistry, her long term goal is to include experts i.e. scientists in the field of organic chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics and mitochondrial biology. The ultimate objective of her project is to develop new and improved mitochondrial indicator for fluorescent probes for their application in biology and biomedicine. Further, researchers will be able to use those probes as a research tool for report or changing mitochondrial function, as a potential therapy or drug carrier.

The most important results of the project Development of new fluorescent cyanine probes for assessment of mitochondrial functionality are presented in:
Šarić, A., Crnolatac, I., Sobočanec, S., Šafranko, Ž. M., Delgeorgiev, T., Piantanida, I., & Petit, P. X. (2015). NEW FLUORESCENT PHOSPHONIUM PROBES FOR ASSESSMENT OF MITOCHONDRIAL FUNCTIONALITY. Journal of World Mitochondria Society, 1(1).

Furthermore, results of her research were presented at the 6th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria held in  Berlin from October 28th to 30th 2015 and at the Innomol Project workshops.

Future plans of Dr. Šarić are to continue all collaborations that she embarked on during the outgoing phase of her NEWFELPRO project. She aims to establish a strong network of research partners gathered in the field of mitochondrial biology. Furthermore, she plans to continue further research at the research groups of the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb, and finally take advantage of all the possibilities offered by Horizon 2020 programme.