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Successful stories: Jincheng Fan and ZnO band gap

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Jincheng Fan is one of the first NEWFELPRO senior fellows in the incoming scheme. He is currently in the final stages of implementing his two year long project titled Effective modulation of ZnO band gap and the modulation mechanism study (ZnO band gap study). Dr. Fan has been implementing his project at the Ruđer Bošković Institute under the guidance of Associate Professor Igor Đerđ at the Division of Materials Physics.

His research has been focused on the ZnO  as it has been considered as a promising material for optoelectronic devices.To realize ZnO-based devices, band gap engineering is necessary to controlling or altering the band gap of ZnO, which can be achieved by alloying with MgO, CdO or BeO. They aimed at realizing the effective doping of Mg, Cd and Be in ZnO films and nanowires by magnetron sputtering and chemical vapour deposition (CVD), optimizing the growth parameters of AxZn1-xO materials and controlling the stress and phase separation of AxZn1-xO materials, which results in the effective modulation of ZnO band gap. In addition, they studied the modulation mechanism of ZnO band gap to establish scientific basis and technical support for the designs of ZnO-based devices.

Throughout his project he participated at the Croatian Microscopic Congress in Zadar and at The 29th European Crystallographic Meeting in Rovinj in 2015. Based on the gathered results he published following papers:

Jincheng Fan, Tengfei Li, Igor Djerdj. Two-Dimensional Atomic Crystals: Paving New Ways for Nanoelectronics. Journal of Electronic Materials, 10.1007/s11664-015-3947-6: Volume: 44 Issue: 11, 2015 (p.4080 ). EISSN: 1543-186X ISSN: 0361-5235
Jincheng Fan, Tengfei Li, Hang Heng, Berislav Markovic, Igor Djerdj. The fabrication of ZnO microrods on monolayer graphene and their photocatalytic application. Acta Chim Slov. 2015;62(4):902-9. DOI:

Jincheng Fan, Tengfei Li and Hang Heng, Hydrothermal growth of ZnO microrods on  ITO-coated glass substrate, Appl. Phys. A 2015 119:185–192. DOI 10.1007/s00339-014-8946-6

Dr. Fan published the following book:

Jincheng Fan, Graphene nanoelectronics-moving forward, Lambert Academic publishing, Germany, 2015, ISBN-13: 978-3659497773.

The book can be found at the following links: link, link i link

He will continue researching crystalline and surface structure of ZnO MgO, CdO, ZnO and CdZnO MgZnO materials in the very last period of his project.