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Successful stories: Darko Mitrović and H-distributions

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Darko Mitrović, photo taken from the following link
Darko Mitrović, from the University of Montenegro, is one of the senior researchers in the incoming scheme who successfully implemented his project "Micro-local defect functionals and applications (MiLDeFA)“ in December 2015. Dr. Mitrović, who holds a PhD in Mathematics, implemented his project at the  Faculty of Sciences at the University of Zagreb  under the mentorship of Dr.Nenada Antonića.

The aim of his project is to research the proving existence of solutions to non-linear equations is the question (of loss) of strong convergence of weakly converging sequences. If the strong convergence holds, then the limit will represent a solution to the considered equation. Therefore, the micro-local defect functionals appeared to be powerful tools for analysis of partial differential equations.

In the frame of the project, he focused on the following three problems:
1. Development of H-measures and H-distributions adapted analysis of PDEs that change type.
2. Optimization of the topology on the space on which we can define H-distributions.
3. The propagation property for H-distributions
Throughout his project, Dr. Mitrović attended conferences in Besanco, France, Petrovac, Montenegro and Opatija, Croatia. Also, he had scientific visits to University of Bergen, University of Vienna,University of Rennes and University of Dubrovnik. He organized two workshops at the Faculty of Sciences in 2014 and he succesfully embarked on scientific networking with his colleagues from Norway, Montenegro, Serbia, Austria and Russia.
He published the following article based on his research:

Mitrović D., Novak A. Two-phase nonturbulend flow with applications. Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2015 (2015):7 Art. ID 439704.

The following article has been accepted, while the other three are still being peer-reviewed:

Marhonić Mitrović D., Novak A. On a front evolution in porous media with a source – Analysis and numerics. Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society to appear in Volume 47,2016:1-12

Upon finishing his project, Dr. Mitrović got back to University of Montenegro where he will continue researching the same subject based on the new perspectives and problems which have arisen during his NEWFELPRO  project.