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Successful stories: Marinko Jablan and graphene

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Marinko Jablan, photo taken from the following page

Dr. Marinko Jablan, NEWFELPRO’s fellow in the outgoing scheme, has successfully concluded his project in October 2015. Dr. Jablan, who holds a PhD in Physics, spent twelve months at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona under the mentorship of Prof. Darrick Chang (outgoing phase) and four months at the Faculty of Sciences in Zagreb (return phase) implementing his project “Graphene based nonlinear quantum optics (GRANQO)“.
The aim of his research was to to explore a fundamentally new approach, by using plasmon-enhanced graphene-based nonlinear quantum optics in order to actuate nonlinear optical propertie. In addition, the goal was to develop comprehensive theories of nonlinear processes in graphene, propose novel applications in the quantum regime, and collaborate with groups working to experimentally realize their ideas. Another subject he addressed was opto-mechanics in graphene in order to explore the possibility to actuate, probe and control the mechanical motion of graphene by optical sources.

Throughout his project, dr. Jablan attended the prestigious 24th International Conference on Atomic Physics, Tensor network summer school while organising dissemination activities through which he held lectures to physics students and the wider public. As we reported in September 2015, he organized a series of popular-science lectures at the University of Zadar where he personally held two lectures: New technologies based on graphene and The future of computers. At his host institution in Spain, he attended lectures of Prof. Maciej Lewenstein throughout 2014 and 2015. Upon finishing his project, he also attended a training on intellectual property and rights organized as a part of NEWFELPRO project.
He published the following article:
M. Jablan, D.E. Chang, „Multiplasmon Absorption in Graphene“, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 236801 (2015)

To conclude, Marinko also prepared a application for ERC Starting grant aimed at excellent principal investigators who are setting up their own research group or programme. The application demands originality and innovative research, ambition and feasibility of the research proposal. Dr. Jablan plans to continue collaborating with his mentor and with prof. Meciej Lewenstein. In the meantime, he took over a position of an assistant professor at the Faculty of Sciences in Zagreb.