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Successful stories: Maja Miše and Dalmatian pottery

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Maja Miše, photo taken from the following page
Another NEWFELPRO fellow, Dr. Maja Miše, has been announced as a Marie Curie Sklodowska COFUND „fellow of the week"! Congratulations on this exceptional success, Maja!

Maja holds a doctorate in classical archeology and is currently in the outgoing phase at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) where she is implementing her project „Connecting Adriatic with Mediterranean: Tracing Ancient Ceramic Workshops and Networks in the last centuries BC (CAMTAWN)“. She will be in Switzerland until December 2016 under the guidance of her scientist in charge Prof. Vincent Camille Patrick Serneels and, upon her return to Croatia, she shall finish her project at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science,University of Split, where she used to work as a senior assistant at the Art History Department.

The objectives of her research are to determine potters activity; from production to distribution of pottery vessels in Central Dalmatia and Adriatic during the ancient times. During the Hellenistic period Central Dalmatia in south Croatia was enrolled in vivid Mediterranean trade, not only as receiver of everything that comes from the larger centers, but also as a driving force of social and economic changes that have affected the lives of settled ancient Greeks and the indigenous people in this area by transferring the knowledge of pottery manufacture. Maja is conducting archeometric analysis', chemical, mineral and petrographic analysis' on fragments of pottery and samples of clay and stones from islands Hvar and Vis. This project connects humanities - archeology and natural sciences - geology, combining different descriptive and analytic perspectives in understanding ancient communities. This interdisciplinary approach with archaeometric analysis is the first such research conducted on most prominent Croatian archaeological sites.

So far, Dr.Miše presented the results of her research at the 13th European Meeting of Ancient Ceramic in Athens (EMAC), Greece; 2nd Conference of the International Association for Research on Pottery of the Hellenistic Period in Lyon, France and at the Annual Meeting of Croatian Archeological Association in October 2015 in Šibenik, Croatia. 

She's planning an array of dissamination activities at her host institution in Fribourg in the coming months. In addition, she's one of the organizers of a roundtable on DNA local/regional pottery production: possibilities and perspectives which will be held at the institute for Archeology on March 3rd. You can read more on Maja's work and results at the following sites