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Presentation of NEWFELPRO's projects

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We cordially invite you to the first in the series of NEWFELPRO's project presentations scheduled for Thursday, December 3rd 2015, at the European Parliament Information Office in Croatia (Augusta Cesarca 6, Zagreb) from 2 PM.

The aim of these events is to present the results of publically financed research, convey the importance of financing scientific research and the effect these have on the wider community.

First to present their results are:
NEWFELPRO is a project that incites the researcher's mobility within the European research area and, as such, is financed through the Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2011-COFUND program. The aim of the project is to strengthen the international visibility of scientific research at the Croatian host institutions by enabling the competitiveness and the exchange of ideas with the best international research institutions. In addition, the goal is to incite a development of an effective labour market for scientists in Croatia by connecting the industry and academia and scientific community in general.

The project is implemented by the Government of the Republic of Croatia through the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport (MSES)

Presentations will be held in English.