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NEWFELPRO with Tomaš and Thomas at the Researcher's night

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European Researcher's Night is an annual traditional manifestation last Friday of September in more than 300 European cities. The aim of this manifestation is to, in a fun and simple way, raise awareness within the wider public about the importance of scientific research for society in order to fight prejudice that often exists towards the scientific community and to encourage young people to have a professional scientific career. The motto of this year's Researcher's night, that was located in Zagreb and Split, was „Research for innovations – innovations for public“.


Croatia's Researcher's Night is financed by the European Commission through Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions within the European's framework for research and innovations – Horizon 2020.NEWFELPRO was presented by two of our researchers  Tomaš Kliment i Thomas Klarić who both presented their research and NEWFELPRO as a project.
Tomaš Kliment, one of the first incoming researchers in the outcoming scheme, first presented his research and NEWFELPRO. Tomaš explained why he picked Croatian and applied to NEWFELPRO in particular with his two-year long research titled "Crosswalking the layers of geospatial information resources to enable a borderless geospatial web (BOLEGWEB)". As the only researcher who is implementing his NEWFELPRO project at the Faculty of Geodesy in Zagreb, in cooperation with prof. Vlado Cetl, he explained the importance of his research and its wide impact through making maps with geospatial data enabling access to wider public. Tomaš thinks Croatia is a country with world class science and that NEWFELPRO is a further proof of this. More on the project and its successful implementation can be found on the web page of Tomaš's project.



Thomas Klarić, as of yet the only researcher in the reintegration sheme who is implementing his project in a private firm, GENOS in cooperation with dr. Gordan Lauc, explained the importance of the roles European Commission and Ministry of Science, Education and Sports have when it comes to financing research through NEWFELPRO. Thomas also emphasized on the importance that molecular biology has as an important research area which brought him from Australia to Croatia. Thomas' two-year long project "A spatio - temporal analysis of glycosylation in the human brain (Human Neuroglycome)“, aims at discovering a profile of glycosylation in different regions of brain throughout life along with discovering the impact different glycans have in neurobiological processes. He emphasized how, in terms of infrastructural and human resources, his project could not have a better support. To find out more about Thomas and his project click here.

We want to thank both of our researchers for interesting and enlightening presentations!