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Accomplishments of a NEWFELPRO researcher presented in The Guardian and The Times

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One of the first NEWFELPRO fellows in the outgoing scheme, Asmir Gračanin, is implementing his three year long project TEARS at the University of Tilburg in Netherlands and at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka. Asmir, who has a PhD in psychology, is conducting an experimental research on human crying by using multidisciplinary perspectives including psychology of emotion, evolutionary and personality psychology, psychophysiology and communication sciences. The objective of his research is to enhance the understanding of the intra- and inter-personal functions of crying and their benefits for human well-being. His project has incited public interest being presented in a list of articles on popular websites such as The Guardian , Huffington Post, The Times , Daily Mail and Indian Expressa.
Asmir was one of the organizers of the pre-conference on Emotional crying at the University of Geneva (link) where he exchanged his ideas and presented his research to other researchers in order to enhance the international collaboration – one of the main goals of the NEWFELPRO project. In the meantime, Asmir continues to succesfully implement his project and he is looking forward to the return phase of his project in 2016.